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Our world is constantly changing. Everyday we evolve as a whole into something greater, Greater than what we would have considered amazing 100 years ago, and as the world advances so does technology. In the world of technology there is only one rule and that is "Out with the Old in with the New." Though This rule is commonly used it can only be applied one way and that is to make things easier...

 A prime example of that rule is our Contour Gauge. Imagine that you are building your home , in Home improvement you have to have a perfect alignment with almost everything you do in order for things to function properly. Objectives like building a wall on a slanted base, Cutting or shaving down Materials so that it will fit better, or even building around a object that must be in a certain position, are all possible scenarios that can ruin your day and can take a long time to deal with, especially if you are doing things the "Old" way.

What is the "Old" way? Spending unnecessary time drawing or recreating the space that you had to copy, eyballing the corner piece of a house, or actually having to get down own your knees or put strain on your back just to measure, or even worse finishing your objective and everything is lobsided.

The "Old" way is Wasted Time!!!

 When you use our Contour Gauge not only will you be able to save that time wasted, you will also be able to measure and adjust much easier than before and your body will thank you later.

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- Can be used to measure the shape of irregular items,Instant template for marking precise tile cuts

- Designed to go around pipes, round frame, conduits and many objects

- High precision calibration for accurate measurement, and makes measuring and cutting easier
Amazing Time Saving Precision Tool!!!

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